a new bearing for deliveries

a new bearing for deliveries - Navster


Navster is an organization of captains with knowledge and experiences given by years on board sail and motor yachts.
Our core business is yacht delivery: our passion for the sea and a network of contacts in several areas of the world allows us to offer you a wide span of services and to work at the highest standards.


navster on board

navster on board - Navster

One of our skippers is with you to share his experience and transmit the right approach for safe seagoing.
Navster allows you to understand and know your yacht at a deeper level, maneuvering and managing with safety and pleasure.

yacht no stress

yacht no stress - Navster

Service for the Boat Owner that wishes to get the best from his boat and his free time, for the preparation and for transferring the yacht where the owner wishes for his cruises, maximizing the time onboard for the holidays.